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Laloser <3

She's so young and hopeless

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--Alex's informationz--
--name is Alex
--13 years of age
--♥'s Jo Simpson
--Best friends mean everything to her.
--thinks disney world is heaven
--thinks penguins & sheep are amazing
--fftl & p!atd are my bands
--umm i like pie!

Dom is Love

Elijah Wood is Love

Orlando Bloom is Love

Sean Astin is Love

Ron Weasley is Love

Blink182 is Love

GIR is love~!
Created by: the_naja

Billy is love.

Evan Peters is hilarious love.

Ron Weasley is Our Gryffindor King
Made by reddiej

The Used Is Dirty Love

Geeks are Love

LotR boys wearing eyeliner is Love

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